The Kensington Crowd platform is operated by Kensington Crowd GmbH, a wholly owned subsidi- ary of CrowdDesk GmbH. Both Kensington Crowd GmbH and CrowdDesk GmbH are independent companies of Kensington Family Office AG. The cooperation between Kensington Crowd GmbH, CrowdDesk GmbH and Kensington Family Office AG functions as follows: 


Kensington Family Office AG concentrates on the selection and acquisition of real estate projects and selected start-up companies. The Kensington Crowd investment platform offers investors the opportunity to use their money in the form of inter- est-bearing subordinated loans to finance real estate projects and young companies.

The legal basis for crowdfinancing is provided by the Asset Investment Act (VermAnlG). The swarm financing privilege anchored there makes it possible for internet-based platforms such as the Kensington Crowd to efficiently broker financial assets, where projects of up to EUR 2.5 million can be financed. Such financial assets do not require investment prospectuses, which are otherwise required by law for investments and securities.

The operator model

Kensington Family Office AG cooperates with CrowdDesk GmbH to operate the crowd investing platform.
CrowdDesk was founded in 2011 as a civic and entrepreneurial response to the global financial crisis with the aim of offering a transparent alterna- tive to the established financial system. CrowdDesk focuses as a technical financial service provider and financial investment broker on the realization of citizen-oriented project financing and is a specialist in the marketing, processing and administration of swarm financing.

In the context of the co-operation the Kensington Family Office AG and CrowdDesk concentrate in each case on what they can particularly well:
  • Kensington Family Office AG as a member of the KENSINGTON Group, which includes a family office, a real estate company with branches in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Dubai and South Africa, areal estate academy, a travel portal gehören, a publishing house with a life style magazine, among others, as well as a family office, uses its expertise and the over 20-year-old and extensive network of the Group to identify projects. She selects them on the basis of their investment and financing principles and proposes them to the On- line platform Kensington Crowd for mediation.
  • The CrowdDesk GmbH makes the technical infra- structure and commercial services available and operates the on-line platform Kensington Crowd in the Kensington Crowd GmbH.

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