KENSINGTON Crowd – The connector between real estate experts and investors

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The point of connection is a crowd investing platform, where investors are offered the opportunity to finance real estate projects through interest-bearing subordinated loans. Thanks to the large selection of projects, retail investors also have the opportunity to invest in attractive new construction projects. Investment sums of 100,- to 25.000, - € per project are possible. The varied, carefully selected and analysed projects are presented in detail on the website.
How does crowd investing work?
This form of financing offers investors the opportunity to invest in profitable real estate projects in Germany and Austria. This makes it possible to achieve an above-average return within a short period of time. KENSINGTON Crowd’s attractive interest rates can be up to 8.50 % p.a. The duration of the projects is usually 12 to 30 months. The digital investment process takes place ex…


Interview with Jamal El Mallouki, Managing Director of KENSINGTON Crowd GmbH

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ON LOCATION met with Jamal El Mallouki, Managing Director of KENSINGTON Crowd GmbH and Chairman of the German Crowdfunding Association

Mr. El Mallouki, you are one of the pioneers in the crowd investment scene in Germany and as chairman of the Crowdfunding Association, are considered to be one of the experts in the industry. What has developed in the industry over the last 5 years?
The industry has developed enormously in recent years. The crowd investing market has grown continuously since 2011 and has made another big leap forward in the last two years. In 2018 alone, the volume of successfully placed crowd investments amounted to almost 300 million euros. The number of platforms has also almost tripled in the past five years. The real estate sector in particular acts as the driving force. Another important step was the entry into force in 2015 of the law on the protection of s…


KENSINGTON Crowd successfully launched

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The newly launched real estate crowd investing platform KENSINGTON-CROWD.COM got off to a good start with the successful financing of the first project. The new construction project in Münsterland was successfully financed by 201 investors. ”Of course, we are pleased that we were able to finance the first project relatively quickly following the market launch of the new platform," stated the visibly satisfied Managing Director Jamal El Mallouki, who is also Chairman of the Crowdfunding Association in Germany. "We consciously decided on a smaller project to start off with, in order to gradually work our way up to larger projects online,” El Mallouki continues.

KENSINGTON Crowd GmbH, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a cooperative partner of KENSNGTON Family Office GmbH, which supports the platform in the acquisition of potential projects. "Of course, we were all very excited, as cro…


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