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Here we list the most frequently asked questions about our platform - of course with our answers, which you can show by clicking on the question.

General information

No. Your lending on Kensington Crowd is anonymous.
Nothing. There is no charge for registering and lending at Kensington Crowd.
You can delete your account with Kensington Crowd at any time in text form. Simply send us an e-mail, letter or fax stating your wish to cancel your account.

If you still have a current loan with outstanding interest and repayment payments, your account can only be closed once the loan has been fully repaid.
Yes, interest from crowdfunding, like other capital gains, is subject to general taxation. You must also state the interest from crowdfunding in your tax return.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to submit an ex- emption order or a non-assessment certificate.
Yes. Your credit claim is inheritable. The heir must legitimise himself at Kensington Crowd with a cer- tificate of inheritance or a will opened by a notary and apply for the transfer of the claim in his name.
You receive the interest according to the payment rhythm defined in the project description. As a rule, you will receive the payments at the end of the interest year in arrears to the bank account you specify.
Kensington Crowd coordinates the disbursements for the project sponsors. Claims from crowdfund- ing that you have against the promoters can be registered with Kensington Crowd.
If the minimum investment amount were lower, it could happen that the interest payments would have to be rounded. This could be to your disad- vantage. To rule this out, the minimum investment amount is 100 euros.
When paying the interest, delays of up to 5 days can occur. This occurs due to payment processes.
If you have not received interest even after 5 days, please check your account number in the system or contact us.
Yes, it is possible to submit a non-assessment cer- tificate. You simply have to send us the original by post so that we can make a copy for our records. It is important that we have the original available for inspection at our premises. You will then receive the original back by post.

A NV certificate is valid for a maximum of 3 years. After the validity period has expired and without another NV certificate, we will have to pay taxes for you again.

You must declare the interest as investment income in your income tax return.


With crowdfunding, you lend your money to pri- vate companies that use it to implement various real estate and start-up projects. If, for example, land is acquired with it, it is available to the company as assets and could be sold in the event of insolvency. Nevertheless, loans on Kensington Crowd are so- called subordinated loans. This means that your claim can only be serviced after the other creditors.

As with any investment, there is a risk of total loss of your investment if the company can no longer service the debt.
The loan conditions are determined solely by the project-executing agencies. Kensington Crowd supports the municipalities with current market observations.
Yes, legal entities can also grant loans to project sponsors via Kensington Crowd. Please contact us directly for more information.
After completion of the lending process, the desired amount must be transferred to the project account within 7 working days.
If the amount is not transferred within the time limit, the offer to grant credit becomes invalid. If the period for the granting of credit is still running and the quota has not been exhausted, there is the possibility of submitting a new bid.
The credit is always granted in the amount in which offers were made by citizens. Should the entire quota not be exhausted, the municipality has the possibility to extend the offer period by 30 days once.
If the quota is not fully used by citizens even after the extension, the municipality can cover the miss- ing funds conventionally.
With a bullet loan, you receive your interest pay- ments on the entire loan amount in each year of the term. At the end of the term, you receive your investment amount and the last payment of your interest back with one payment.

How it works

In order to successfully grant a loan at Kensington Crowd, first select a project that you would like to support. Now click on the „Online“ button in the upper right corner and go through the awarding process to the end. Here you will find the exact procedure.
No. Unfortunately, withdrawal is not possible.
At Kensington Crowd, we want to give every citizen the opportunity to take out a loan. For this reason the minimum amount is only 250 Euro. Amounts in excess of this must be divisible by 50 (e.g. 150, 300 or 4,500 euros).
The maximum amount is defined by the credit quo- ta. It is not possible to lend more than the desired amount to a project executing agency.
No. We are expressly not a bank and do not provide any standard banking services, such as financial advice or account management.

Kensington Crowd is the operator of the online platform and thus enables the direct credit of citi- zens to the respective project sponsors.
The trust account and the trustee ensure that your money is transferred exclusively to the proj- ect sponsor in every case. We also use the trustee account so that your money is not affected in the event of the bank‘s insolvency before the loan is paid out. This is because trust accounts are not add- ed to the insolvency assets.


Data transfers to Kensington Crowd are always se- cured by an encrypted connection. This is ensured by our SSL certificate which encodes your data with up to 256-bit (also recognizable by the green address bar in your browser). In this way we pre- vent the misuse of your data by unauthorized third parties.
We collect the following data in order to clearly de- termine to whom the granted loan is to be assigned: Your name, address of residence, date of birth, land- line or mobile phone number, e-mail address and the bank details of a bank domiciled in Germany.
To change your bank details, please contact the support team. Thank you very much.
The bank details in your account are valid for all your credits and are important for two reasons:

On the one hand, we need your bank account de- tails in order to transfer the interest payments and repayment instalments back to you as soon as they become due.

On the other hand it is important that you transfer the investment amount for your credit exclusively from your bank account to the trust account. This is to ensure that your bank details have been entered correctly. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we may not be able to accept funds transferred from another account and then return them.
Currently, you need a bank account with a German bank in order to grant a loan. Soon we will also accept transfers from other European countries (so- called SEPA transfers) and corresponding foreign bank details.
Yes, the bank account holder may be different from the holder of the loan. It is important that you, as the holder of the credit, are the beneficial owner of the specified bank details.

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