Kensington Crowd

The crowd investing platform Kensington Crowd was initiated to connect real estate experts with investors. The platform offers investors and small investors the opportunity to generate attractive returns and profit from the real estate boom. Investors grant loans to selected projects, which are presented in detail at the Kensington Crowd.

In addition to real estate investments, investors have the opportunity to accompany ambitious and experienced industry experts from the outset on their intended and challenging path from a young innovative start-up company to market leader. Through Kensington Crowd, real estate project de- velopers and start-up companies with their support gain access to an economic and alternative source of financing.

When selecting and reviewing projects, Kensington Crowd draws on many years of expertise in the real estate industry and an extensive network. Investors can invest in the projects presented in detail on the platform for a fixed period of time by granting a subordinated loan. 

An investment in a real estate project is possible starting from 100 euro - the digital investment process takes place thereby uncomplicatedly and completely online. 

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