Are you a project developer in the real estate sector or a company founder looking for a financing solution for your project?

Benefit from the many advantages of project financing via the Kensington Crowd.
Swarm financing via the Kensington Crowd not only offers you an alternative to bank loans, but also enables you to increase your equity ratio. The capital raised by the crowd is socalled „mezzanine capital“. This means that the capital raised is treated as equity. 
You can flexibly structure project conditions such as terms and conditions and interest and repayment modalities of subordinated loans. The conditions are tailored to your needs. By reducing administrative expenses to the level of conventional financing, Kensington Crowd increases the profitability of your project financing. The costs of the project financing are manageable and fixed in advance - so there are no hidden costs for the project sponsors.
The Kensington Crowd takes care of professional project marketing for you. We support you in the optimal approach of potential investors and market your real estate project to a qualified pool of private investors. This creates a positive marketing effect, which can affect not only the achievement of the funding objective, but also the reputation of your company.
The administrative effort for you is minimal. The Kensington Crowd supports you comprehensively in the administration of your project financing, leaving you more time for your core business.
The Kensington Crowd will take care of all the contract documents on which the subordinate leanings are based for you. The relevant contract documents were prepared in cooperation with a law firm specialising in capital market law and checked for compliance with applicable financial market law in consultation with the federal authorities. This saves you the costly and time-consuming task of drafting and reviewing contracts.

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