• Energy efficiency building

  • Plot of land already acquired

  • Experienced project developer

Note pursuant to § 12 (2) Investment Act:
The acquisition of this asset investment is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.


Dear investors,

At Konzeptbau Neppel we always go to work with enthusiasm: we design and build modern, straightforward concepts with high-quality furnishing. We attach great importance to sustainable building, because sustainability to us, represents a love for future generations.

As part of this project, we are planning to demolish an existing semi-detached house in Lüdinghausen and build multi-family house onto the neighbouring semi-detached house in accordance with the KfW 55 standard. This will create six new apartments. The land has already been purchased and construction is scheduled to begin in September 2019; the property is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2020. The first potential buyers from the region have already expressed interest in the apartments.

Be part of this real estate project!

Yours, Marcus Neppel 
Authorised signatory and project manager

Short description

In Lüdinghausen in the Münsterland region, an energy-efficient apartment building with a total of six residential units is being built. The 606 m² property is already owned by Konzeptbau Neppel GmbH, which plans to demolish the existing semi-detached house this summer. Construction of the new property is scheduled to begin in September 2019 and be completed in summer 2020.

A development plan already exists for the property. The project can be built under the notification procedure, i.e. no building permit is required. The multi-family house is to be added to the existing neighbouring half of the house, whereby two full floors may be established. Three apartments with approx. 55 m² and three apartments with approx. 80 m² are to be built on approx. 450 m² of living space. All units have a balcony or a terrace. Due to the floor plans of the apartments and the range of floor areas, the apartments are suitable for all age groups and family sizes.

The project developer, Konzeptbau Neppel GmbH, has attached great importance to an integrated energy concept during the planning phase. A geothermal heat pump is used as the heating system. Overall, an energy efficiency standard according to KfW 55 Plus can be achieved.
In order to optimise the financing structure within the framework of the realisation of the real estate project, part of the financing is to be covered by subordinated loans in addition to bank loans amounting to 118 thousand euros. The repayment of the loans is planned through the sale of the individual residential units, which will start during the shell construction phase. The first potential buyers from the region have already expressed interest in the apartments. On the planned repayment date of 01.06.2020 (+/- 6 months) it can be assumed that the sale of the apartments has already taken place. The expected average selling price per square metre of living space for the ecological and energy-efficient construction is 2,700 euros, a price that is within a cheap to reasonable range.

Floor plan basement and ground floor

Floor plan upper and attic floor
Source: Konzeptbau Neppel GmbH

You can view the floor plans of all residential units in the download area under the Participation Offer tab.


The property is located in a favourable and up-and-coming residential area. Shopping facilities are within walking distance. The location has good connections to public transport, various motorways and Dortmund airport. This makes the location attractive for both commuters and for those working in and around Dortmund. The demand for new apartments in Lüdinghausen is high. You can find a detailed housing market analysis under the Location tab.


With investment limited to 250,000 euros, Projektbau Neppel GmbH enables investors to participate economically in the construction of this property. The invested funds are used for the construction of the project. Under the Data and Facts tab you will find more detailed information on the financing structure of the project.
As an investor* you will receive a return of 5.5% p.a. with a term of approx. 12 months. Your loan and your interest will be repaid at maturity, i.e. you will receive a fixed amount back at the end of the term.
You can view an example payment plan under the Participation Offer tab.

Information about Konzeptbau Neppel GmbH

Konzeptbau Neppel GmbH was founded in 2012 and is 50% owned by Mr. Kalid Akram and 50% by Mr. Marcus Neppel. Mr. Marcus Neppel is also an authorised signatory and is responsible for the Energy Efficiency House Lüdinghausen project.
At Konzeptbau Neppel you can expect a wide range of services, turnkey construction, various design concepts and professional as well as personal expert advice. Konzeptbau Neppel GmbH's services include project development, project management and client support, as well as a guarantee of a fixed price, cost security and cooperation with regional companies.

Your contribution to sustainability

According to the Federal Environment Agency, most household CO2 emissions occur during heating. There is great potential for energy savings in this area, for example through the use of geothermal heat pumps for heating purposes. This type of heat pump will be used in the newly built property. Although it means a higher initial investment, operating costs are lower and less maintenance will be required. In this way, fossil fuels can be conserved and CO2 emissions reduced.

Location analysis

Here you can find an overview of the location analysis for the project "Energy Efficiency House Lüdinghausen". The data on the rental and purchase price analysis come from www.wohnmarktanalyse.com - a provider of neutral market analysis for purchase and rental.

This information is used to form your opinion. Please take the legal notice into account.

Macrolocation situation Lüdinghausen

The three-castle town of Lüdinghausen, consisting of thetown centre and the Seppenrade area, belongs to the Coesfeld district and is located about 20 km south of Münster on the Dortmund-Ems canal and the Stever.

The city has a long history behind it, with its first mention in the year 800. Its landmark is Vischering Castle, the most typical moated castle in Münsterland. The castles of Kakesbeck and Lüdinghausen are also among its many historical sights. According to the Statistical Annual Report, the city had 24,956 inhabitants in 2017.

SourceTUBS, Havixbeck in COE, CC BY-SA 3.0
Surface area by type of use (in ha)

Source: Statistical Yearbook 2017
Population density

Source: Statistical Yearbook 2017
Construction investments

The number of construction investments has risen rapidly in recent years. This is due to a low unemployment rate and rising population and employment figures. More and more residents are attracted to the Lüdinghausen area. The job market here is also diversified through numerous small and medium-sized enterprises in the trade, handicraft, business and service sectors, as well as enterprises of international importance.

Source: Statistical Yearbook 2017

Microlocation Lüdinghausen

The property is located at Struckstraße 10 in the centre of Lüdinghausen. The residential area was rated good by Wohnmarktanalyse.com with a value of 3.1 (0= simple residential area; 5= top residential area). The property is well connected to public transport. The railway station is 8 minutes' walk from the property, from where the Westmünsterland railway connects Lüdinghausen with Dortmund, Coesfeld, Gronau and Enschede at hourly intervals. In addition, there are several bus stops within a 5-minute walk. Both a primary and a secondary school are located in the immediate vicinity.
Quality of location in the surrounding area
Source: iib real estate market database, based on (current) evaluation of real estate portals and additional research (only visible for logged in users)

Rental and purchase price research

Offer price /m² in the neighbourhood

Source: iib real estate market database, based on (current) evaluation of real estate portals and additional research (only visible for logged in users)
The expected average selling price of the property per square metre of living space is 2,700 euro. Thus the price lies in the luxury range according to Wohnmarktanalyse.com, compared with an average - price of 2,245 euro. This present average sales market price is so low due to the fact that there are mainly old buildings in the housing area concerned, among other factors. In the last few years, lower German revenues have been generated from their sales than from a new building. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the property has a much larger plot and living space than the real estate from the analysis. In addition, there was only one other semi-detached house for comparison, which makes the apartment building an exclusive property in the area. Compared to the previous year, a price increase of 3% was observed.
Selling price /m² (Quality: Simple - Luxury)

Differentiated according to reference characteristics: Neighbourhood, location, year of construction, property type, property size, facilities and condition

Source: iib real estate market database, based on (current) evaluation of real estate portals and additional research (only visible for logged in users)

Supply situation

There are enough grocers in the vicinity of the property. Both a supermarket (Netto) and a beverage wholesaler, as well as a butcher shop and bakery, are in direct proximity. The weekly market at the foot of the St. Felizitas church is also within easy reach. From April to October there is also a farmers market on the first Saturday of each month.

Legal notice on site analysis

Legal notice on site analysis The Institut Innovatives Bauen Dr. Hettenbach GmbH (iib) has carried out its own extensive calculations for this product, evaluated various sources and merged data from different sources. The Institut Innovatives Bauen Dr. Hettenbach GmbH assumes no liability for the currentness, correctness and completeness of the information provided in this publication. Liability claims against the Institut Innovatives Bauen Dr. Hettenbach GmbH relating to material or immaterial damage caused by the use or non-use of the information provided or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information are excluded as a matter of principle, unless there is evidence of wilful intent or gross negligence on the part of the Institut Innovatives Bauen Dr. Hettenbach GmbH. We ask for your understanding that the data stock and the calculations on which this publication is based are continuously adapted and updated. For this reason, all information contained in this publication is subject to change and non-binding. The Institut Innovatives Bauen Dr. Hettenbach GmbH expressly reserves the right to change or supplement parts of the underlying data or the entire database without separate written approval or to discontinue publication temporarily or permanently.

Facts and figures

Here you will find an overview of key financial figures. For a larger view, please click on the chart.

Terms and conditions

On this page we provide you with an overview of all important figures and dates for this project.

Term Interest rate Repayment of Interest date Maturity date
1 year 5,50 % endfälliges Darlehen 30.06. 30.06.2020
Participation: 250.000 Euro
Loan type: Subordinated loan with qualified subor- dination
Interest payment frequency: annual, in arrears (act/365)
Available from: 20.07.2019
Minimum investment: 250 Euro. In addition, any amount divisible by 50.
Maximum investment amount: Corresponds to the remaining available loan quota
Loan agreement:

Payment schedule (5,50 % interest p.a.)

Assuming you grant a loan of €10.000,00 at 5,50 % interest p.a. for the duration of 1 year at the start of the project on 07-20-2019, then your payment plan for this loan is as follows:

Year Date Gross payment Thereof Interest Thereof redemption Net payment
(after taxes)
1 30.06.2020 € 10.521,37 € 521,37 € 10.000,00 € 10.383,87 pending
Total € 10.521,37 € 521,37 € 10.000,00 € 10.383,87
  • Duration:
    • 1 year
  • Interest rate:
    • 5,50 % p.a.
  • Type:
    • Real Estate
  • Minimum investment:
    • 250 Euro
  • Repayment:
    • final
Funding successfully completed